One-to-One paid Classes

Personal, one-to-one classes that cost money give a special way to learn. Teachers who are experts focus all their attention on students and make learning plans just for them. This guarantees a better understanding of the topics with very effective results.

Quran Tajweed (KID’s) Free

Find the happiness of learning the Quran for kids with our easy, caring Tajweed lessons. See them boldly take on every line with clear ease, changing how they say it into a lovely trip of belief and knowledge

Quran Tajweed (Women’s) Free

Start a wonderful trip with our special Tajweed class made for women. Here, beneficial and simple lessons help you connect better to the Quran in an easy way. Learn more about the Quran in a friendly, girl-centered place where you can understand it.

Quran Translation Free

Show the deep smartness of the Holy Quran through our clear translations, made to bring its teachings closer to everyone’s hearts and minds. Go deep into its meaning without worry, as our translations make each part clear for everyone to think about.


Saying you are a Muslim is not just an important time, but also a big change for your life. It means a serious promise to the important lessons and lasting rules of Islam, showing big changes in what they believe and how they live.